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Today, St. Mary's welcomed John, John and Jackie from EST E-Safety Training who taught the children some more about how to keep themselves safe from the very real threat of stranger danger online.

Their sessions were tailored to be age-appropriate as well as reflective of the children's home internet use.

The children were made more aware of the risks when using Roblox and Tik Tok in particular but were also given lots of useful tips for how to protect themselves in order to enjoy using these, and other apps, safely.

After school, the two Johns led an extended staff meeting to further develop the understanding of the teaching staff about the realities of internet dangers today. This will enable them to support the children with keeping themselves safe and identifying paths to abuse.

The two Johns also led a session for parents this evening whilst their children attended a film night at school. Thank you to those who attended tonight - hopefully you left with lots of useful advice and an increased awareness of the risks surrounding stranger danger online.

St Mary's Prittlewell Primary School 

March 2020

EST- E- Safety Awareness

On Thursday 4th July, Castle View students from across all year groups observed a presentation from EST on E-Safety Training, tackling issues such as the exploitation of children online, with a particular focus on social networks and apps. The presentation, delivered by former police officers ‘the 2 Johns’, offered students an insight into the ever-evolving world of social media, including popular apps such as Snapchat, Instagram and ones that parents are arguably less familiar with such as TikTok, Twitch and Omegle. Through the use of real world examples and a powerful short film to illustrate the consequences of inappropriate conduct and how this can be shared due to the rise of modern technology, students were led to understand that the concept of ‘Stranger Danger’ has increasingly different connotations in the 21st Century. Students commented that the film was “particularly effective”, and that the long-term implications were “far more serious than they would have imagined” for people involved in taking and sharing inappropriate images. A session for parents and professionals after school was also provided, with a focus on the Dark Web, designed to enlighten the local community on how young people are targeted through their online activity. Anyone seeking further information on this subject is advised to visit the EST website at

David Gray - Castleview School Academy

15th July 2019

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